We offer our customers a range of solutions relating to the shipment of goods by sea, and we are working on the link between Saudi Arabia

and a host of areas of the world (North America, Latin America and Asia-Pacific, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.).

Our services for maritime transport revolve around:

  • Transfer of gas and petroleum products, in addition to the transfer of metals of all kinds.
  • Transporting food and materials of international relief to the affected areas.
  • Transferring household and hotel furniture, as well as animals and property transfer of a special nature.
  • Transferring equipment and logistics of all sizes and types.

We major effort to offer competitive deals and prices irresistible to all our customers across the world, with an absolute commitment to monitor shipments, and to ensure all customs clearance procedures while providing a range of scenarios for the transfer of cargo in order to avoid any unforeseen circumstances and operate air bridges through agents maritime transport in the KSA and abroad.