Air bridges shipping company launched from Riyadh in 2012, and since then we are serving without individuals, private companies and publicsector interruption, the company has specialized in the field of shipping and a very quickly air-sea-land safe delivery, taking advantage from the great openness offered by globalization and the spread of the Internet, the free market and competition control.

Air bridges shipping company was able to establish a place for itself among the shipping companies nationally, regionally and internationally as well, thanks to the hard working and large responsibility in dealing with all partners and customers, and partnerships with the most powerful aviation organizations across the world, and thus we have gained a set of characteristics that set us apart from others, most notably punctuality and delivery of goods safe and secure orders.

We are proud of our team, consisting of a range of energies Saudi and foreign, mostly of young people holding degrees in our field, and beneficiaries of long-term experience in the transport enterprises in general and air transport in particular, we are working as one team and believe in sharing roles, and that’s what brought on our character regulation and harmony.

messaOur Message
Since our launch in 2012 we carried Semitic message about our country and our society and our partners in the field

Our Vision
We do our best to provide the best work without interruption in order to achieve this, our goal is to reach what we have set at the beginning

Our Objectives
From the beginning we set our goals, and we opened the door to the jurisprudence developed in line with recent developments in the field of air transport