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Since from 2000

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Airbridges Co. for Logistical Services has lunched from Riyadh and established in 2012, and it was like a spark in the logistics industry’s sky in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia as it has been extinguished & recognized by its unique services that are covering the full concept of Air freight, Sea freight and the Land freight, along with a very rich basket of supply chain solutions& services that meets and satisfies all kind of its clients and contracted parties. We provide a unique and highly flexible supply chain service for a diverse number of aerospace clients across commercial, industrial and military applications. Airbridges Co. for Logistical Services provides Global aviation logistics support for critical and regular movements of parts, spares, equipment, chemical marital, DG cargo and more. Our experienced staff understand the complexities and demands of your industry, and we are available at all hours of the day to help keep your aircraft operations running.

Fahiem Alsayeri

Founder & CEO

Why Choose Us

6 Reasons Why Air Bridges

Real Time Tracking

Gain instant visibility with our real-time tracking service, ensuring you always know your shipment's precise location and status.

Transparent Pricing

At Airbridges Co., we offer clear, straightforward pricing with no hidden fees, ensuring you receive value-for-money logistic services.

On - Time Delivery

We guarantee timely deliveries, respecting your schedule and ensuring your shipments arrive exactly when expected.

24/7 Online Support

Receive continuous assistance with our 24/7 online support, ready to address your concerns and queries at any time.

Global Logistics Partner

Engage with a partner that’s globally connected, providing you with expansive logistic solutions anywhere in the world.

Insurance & guarantee

Enjoy peace of mind with our robust insurance options and guarantees, safeguarding your goods from departure to destination.

Steps Of Cooperation

How We Works

Understanding Your Needs

Understanding Your Needs

Airbridges Co. listens keenly, understanding your unique logistical needs and expectations for precise service delivery.

Strategic Planning Analysis

Strategic Planning Analysis

We analyze lane pairing meticulously, ensuring optimal, efficient routing for your valuable shipments every time.

Detail Verification

Detail Verification

Every detail matters. We verify each shipment aspect, ensuring accuracy to prevent delays and guarantee smooth delivery.

Swift & Effective Delivery

Swift & Effective Delivery

Fast, reliable delivery is our promise at Airbridges Co. Trust us for timely, secure shipments every time.


Aviation and Aerospace logistics

Specialized transportation services. ABCL offers the aviation and aerospace industry the following transportation options:

We are part of independent international and national forwarding partners.​

First class global networks


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Choose Airbridges Co. for Logistical Services for a seamless, cost-effective, and reliable logistics experience.

Simply visit the “Get a Quote” section on our website and fill out the form with the necessary details to receive a customized logistics quote.

Airbridges Co. for Logistical Services offers a wide range of services including Air Freight, Sea Freight, Land Freight, Warehousing, Cross Trading, Hazardous Goods Handling, and specialized Aviation and Aerospace Logistics.

Our main office is in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, with a presence that spans nationally and internationally.

We offer transparent pricing with no hidden fees. The cost is determined based on the type of goods, distance, and the service you choose.