At Airbridges Co. for Logistical Services, we understand that our clients entrust us with their valuable goods, expecting not just storage but also the assurance of safety, security, and efficiency. We take immense pride in announcing that all our warehouses not only meet but exceed these expectations.

Premium Maintenance and Insurance:

Every warehouse under Airbridges Co. is meticulously maintained with a keen eye on every small detail. Furthermore, we provide full insurance coverage for products against potential risks like theft, fire, damage, and third-party liability, ensuring that your goods are under protective care at all times.

Advanced Technology for Inventory Management:

Our powerful web-based Warehouse Inventory Management software facilitates seamless inventory tracking and management, providing real-time insights and control over the stored products. This technology empowers our clients and us with accurate data and inventory status, enhancing the efficiency of warehouse operations.

Equipped for Excellence:

The warehouses boast heavy-duty pallet racking systems and are equipped with adequate handling equipment of suitable capacity. We offer services like labeling, wrapping, shrinking, and palletising, ensuring that the products are not only stored but also prepared for subsequent distribution efficiently.

Fire Safety Measures:

Safety is non-negotiable at Airbridges Co. Our warehouses are installed with Sprinkler Fire Fighting Systems, complemented by portable foam, powder, and CO2 fire extinguishers. The presence of a responsive Fire Alarm System and complete safety equipment with clear safety signs further fortifies our commitment to creating a safe storage environment.

Unwavering Commitment to Safety:

At Airbridges Co. for Logistical Services, safety isn’t just a protocol; it is integral to our operations. We are dedicated to providing services where safety and quality go hand in hand. With around-the-clock security systems in place, we ensure that our new warehouse’s activities continue the legacy of trust, safety, and high-quality service that we are known for.


With our state-of-the-art warehouses, Airbridges Co. for Logistical Services stands as a testament to commitment, safety, and premium service quality. As we continue to serve with excellence, the safety and security of your products in our warehouses remain our top priority.